Grief, A Thorn In The Flesh

When I think of Grief and the symptoms associated with it, I think of Paul in the Bible. In 2 Corinthians Paul often speaks of having a thorn in his flesh. The thorn was causing him a lot of pain. He could not understand why God would allow him to endure such agony. Paul describesContinue reading “Grief, A Thorn In The Flesh”

Joseph’s Favor

Joseph’s story reflects ultimate betrayal and rejection. He was betrayed and rejected by many people, including his brothers, because he was different, because he had dreams that they did not understand, because he had dreams that they did not agree with. Now although betrayal and rejection is evident in this story, we can also seeContinue reading “Joseph’s Favor”

It’s In Your Worship

Psalm 150:2 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.   Many of us are in a crushing season. During this season we are being pruned, purged and like the sugar cane we are being extracted to produce or reveal a better version of ourselves. God often takes us through this season when he isContinue reading “It’s In Your Worship”