What is a daddy’s girl?

A daddy’s girl is a female who has a strong bond with her father. Some people may confuse a daddy’s girl with being spoiled and behaving like a brat because she can always go to her dad to get whatever she want whenever she want it. A daddy’s girl view her father as her bestfriend, her mentor her everything. He has a special nickname just for her that only he calls her. They love each other deeply and disagree even deeper; however, they find a way to make up with each other because somewhere down on the inside they realize that they both had a valid point and the whole reason they were disagreeing to begin with is because they are both so much alike. Daddy’s girl and her father talk to each other about everything and he’s always there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. In her eyes no one has her back like daddy. He encourage her with his words of wisdom so that she’s prepared for this thing called life. Even when a daddy’s girl becomes a married woman she still relies on daddy even over her own husband. Ask me how I know, that daddy’s girl was me!!!!

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