I’m Remembering Love!

As I stood on the porch the other morning the cool wind blew over my face. There was a calmness in the air. The green grass covered with the white morning dew. The birds chirped with excitement and the sun seemed to peek at me through the clouds. Everything seemed so peaceful except my heart. There was a heaviness in my chest that just would not leave, an unusual sensitivity in the pit of my stomach. My eyes permeated with what could have been compared to a river and then the tears began to fall. Yes, I was remembering love.

The more I stood there and thought of all the times my mom and I shared. As I thought of all the memories we created together, the tears fell even more. I could remember mama not being big on words. She was more of a take action type of woman. She rarely said the word love but boy did she show it. At Christmas time I always got the most gifts and on my birthday she had no problem letting me know that I was her special little girl. She was there for me and I was there for her. We were two peas in a pod. Yes, I was remembering love.

I giggled to myself with tears still in my eyes as I thought back on the disagreements we sometimes had. How silly to argue about things so small. I was never really upset anyway. It was just my way of showing her that I was an adult and I had my own opinion now. It’s so funny because we would only stay mad about five seconds. I would find a way to make her laugh so she wouldn’t be mad anymore. Man, this feeling just wouldn’t go away! I was remembering love.

I use to think something was wrong with me for still feeling this way after fourteen months has passed already but God validates my pain. He validates my emotions. He says that it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to grieve. It’s okay to still have feelings of uncertainty and it’s okay to be unsure. He let’s me know that the heaviness in my chest, the sensitivity in my stomach, the sorrow in my heart and the river that consumes my eyes from time to time is my body’s way of letting me know that……… I Am Remembering Love.

I Affirm!


20200216_125547One thing that grief has taught me especially as God is taking me on an intense healing journey is reciprocity. Emotional reciprocity! As children of God we are suppose to love our neighbors as Christ does but that does  not mean we have to tolerate emotional abuse from people who call us friends or family. We do not have to continue to provide emotional support and positive actions to people who find it unnecessary to reciprocate it. God is teaching me to set boundaries, to guard my heart at all times. I Affirm that there are certain things that I will no longer tolerate in my space. I Affirm that there are certain people whom I consider toxic and have no desire to connect with. I Affirm that I am no longer willing to over extend myself to people who do not return the same to me. I Affirm that I can not pacify your need to validated or included because you have insecurities. I Affirm that I will no longer down play my blessings nor allow other’s jealousy to manipulate my feelings.  I Affirm that I am no longer willing to dim my light so that other’s light can shine. We can shine together! It’s called healing and growing and I am experiencing both!  I Affirm that I am no longer attracted to other people’s brokenness. I Affirm that I’ve decided to turn my pain into power. I Affirm that I’ve decided to turn my pain into purpose and I Affirm that I am still the girl who’s turning tragedy into triumph!! What are you affirming over your life? What are you affirming over your emotions, your mind and spirit? What are you speaking in your atmosphere?




Dancing in the Rain!


When I realized that I had to journey down the road of grief again I prayed for God to help me to grieve gracefully. I did not want grief to overtake me as it sometimes can. I wanted to continue doing the things I was doing before I loss my mom. I didn’t want sadness and sorrow to be my resting place. As I continue the intense healing from her loss and adapt to the new things God is doing in my life, I’m learning to dance in the rain.

See in Jeremiah Chapter 29 the Israelites also went through a season of mourning. They went through a season of exile but God assured them that mourning and exile were not their final destination. He encouraged them in verse 11 to not worry nor be dismayed. Why? Because he knew the plans that he had for them, plans for good and not of evil, plans to give them a hope and a future. God just wanted the Israelites to find contentment in the season they were in. He wanted them to take pleasure in the pit ( dark place ). That’s hard to do right?! He wanted them to learn, to grow and to come out wiser, stronger, better and most importantly in closer relationship with him. 

I believe God desires the same for us as we journey through grief and continue to heal from the loss. Months ago I was reminded that we can not wait until we believe the grief is no more. We have to start dancing in the rain. We have to push through the pain, through the fear, through depression, through sadness , through the insecurities and just start dancing. We have to start working on our projects again. We have to pick our pens back up and start writing again. We have to start socializing and enjoying life again. So I pray that God will continue to help us relinquish the wilderness mindset and give us a mindset that see his goodness in all situations. A mindset that will motivate us to get up right now no matter how we feel, no matter what’s going on in our lives and just start DANCING!!

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