And The Lord Remembered Her……

The entire family got up early the next morning and they went to worship the Lord once more. Then they returned home to Ramah. When Elkanah slept with Hannah, the Lord remembered her. – 1 Samuel 1:19

It’s easy sometimes to think that God has forgotten about us. It seems like the more we try, the harder this journey gets. Is it that the journey gets harder though or is that we find it hard to give up control? Is it that this journey really gets harder or is that we have a hard time waiting? I’ve found that usually when I am in a frenzy, overwhelmed and frustrated are the times when I am trying to write my own story. It’s usually the times when I am trying to fix things on my own and trying to figure everything out by my own understanding. I’ve noticed that during the times when I am extremely afraid and anxious is when I’m having a hard time trusting God or maybe I feel that he has forgotten me. Do you ever feel this way or is just me? Are there times on your journey when you forget that God is the author and the finisher of your faith? Do you sometimes lean on your own understanding when God clearly asks us not?

I think of Hannah’s journey when she was having a hard time waiting, when she was in limbo about her future. She was ridiculed and taunted by her husband’s other wife. Yes, Hannah’s guy had another gal lol but seriously I guess it was okay to take more than wife during those times. Needless to say Elkanah’s second wife made fun of Hannah because she was not able to give him a child, at least not yet. She made Hannah feel useless and worthless. This really bothered Hannah because she really wanted her own child and she really wanted to give her husband a child. I can imagine the emotional pain Hannah must have felt. She prayed fervently day and night for God to give her child. She prayed so much in the temple that Elijah thought she was drunk but Hannah wasn’t drunk she was desperate. She was tired of waiting. She was ready to receive what God had promised her; however, it wasn’t until Hannah was humble enough to offer her promise back to the Lord that she was able to receive it. She told the Lord that if he would bless her with a son that she would give him back as an offering. It was then that the Lord remembered Hannah and Samuel was born. Has God placed a vision in your heart? Has he made you a promise? Are you willing to give that vision and that promise back to the Lord so he can use it for his glory?

If you are in a season of waiting like Hannah and you are growing weary, I think it’s time that you give up whatever it is that you are holding on to. Give it back to the Lord because he knows what to do with it. It’s hard to walk into a new season full of promises and blessings when you haven’t let go of the old. We are still holding on to our old ways of thinking. We are still holding on to our old ways of doing things. Listen, God can not put new wine into old wine skin. We are still asking God why when God is telling us to let it go. Hannah had to let go of her perception and how she wanted things to turn out too. She just wanted a baby to love and cuddle but God had different plans. He had Hannah waiting because he knew that she was going to birth a prophet that would go to the nations. So I pray today that whatever you are holding on to that is preventing you from moving forward in the things that God has called you to, that God would help you to let go and give you the courage to go forth. Amen!

The Blessing in Obedience!

What is obedience? It is the compliance with an order, request or law. It is also the submission to another’s authority. I think it’s safe to say that obedience is a form of respect.

God is our father and as his child we must always give him the upmost respect whenever he releases an order for us to follow. We may not always agree with the order and it may not always make sense but when he speak we must listen. For example, If you are a parent when you speak, you expect your child to listen. When you set rules you expect your child to follow them and when they don’t listen nor follow your rules it’s disobedient and it’s disrespectful. I for one get a little frustrated when I tell my boys to do something and they take their time doing it or end up not getting it done at all. Oh yea, delayed obedience is the same as disobedience. One of the tasks that I expect them to get done weekly is cleaning their rooms. They are teenagers now and I think that cleaning their rooms is a reasonable chore; however, they feel that watching tv and playing video games is more important at times. Have you found yourself procrastinating in being obedient to something that you know God has placed in your heart to do? It’s something that you know God has specifically commanded of you but for some reason you have not done it yet? Maybe you’re afraid? Maybe you are more concerned with pleasing people than pleasing God? Maybe you are too concerned with what people will say. I don’t know what it is that’s holding you back but let me inform you that there are curses that comes from being disobedient; however, there are blessings that comes when we choose to obey.

Dueteronomy 28:1-14 tells us of how God will bless us when we diligently obey his voice and carefully observe his commandments. When you walk in obedience God will always allow his blessings to overtake you. He will allow you to overflow in peace, joy and favor but it depends on your ability to obey. Did you know that your obedience is tied to your breakthrough and deliverance? Did you know that your obedience is tied to your healing? It’s tied to your way out of the wilderness and your entrance into your promise land.

When Moses died God had appointed Joshua as next in line. Moses helped the Israelites cross the Red Sea but it was Joshua who helped them get through the Jordan River and into Jericho. In order for Joshua to properly lead the people across the Jordan and into Jericho he had to follow God’s instructions and he had to obey. There were certain things that Joshua had to do to bring down the wall so that he and the Israelites could posses their land. The same applies to you and me. There are certain things that we have to do in order to posses the land that God has promised us. In order to receive all of the blessings that God has for us.

Are you ready to obey? Are you ready to make a move towards your purpose? Remember there is blessings waiting for you!

The Healthcare Blues

1a725c38f775528497152cc2a8cb7631This pandemic has not been very fun at all. I’m sure there are others who would agree. It has actually been very draining and exhausting for me. I’ve been working through the whole thing. You guessed it! I am an essential worker. Oh! Here’s the catch, I am a healthcare worker. Yep! I work in Hospice Care (end of life care). I provide personal care to those who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I not only help with their personal care, I also along with other members of my hospice team, provide emotional and spiritual support to the patient and their families during this difficult time. God is such a comedian, right? Why would he place me, a grieving daughter, in a position where I would have to help people at their end of life. My heart laughs when I think of how funny God is. He really does have a sense of humor. Like really God lol 27050e7d042e50dca81ea47f017826f0 There has been several of times on my journey of grief and healing that I didn’t think that I would be able to work in the healthcare field anymore. I wanted out! I love the healthcare field but after the loss of my parents, I really contemplated a career change. I’ve been in healthcare for 15 years but my heart was so overwhelmed that I was ready to walk away. Now a pandemic! What is going on?! Lord please help me! I think I have the healthcare blues.

623_1_4_nursinghome_thinkstock     With God we’ll get through this together!       GettyImages-145083639web-56ce05405f9b5879cc5c3525

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