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I recently had the opportunity to go see the movie ” The Lion King ” . It was amazing. I gained so much from watching this film. It was so shocking how the animals had human-like personalities and how relatable the story line was to the things we go through in our lives. I think it deserves a REVIEW!

lion king.jpg

Simba was a male cub whom his dad , King Mufasa , was raising to become King one day. Simba was excited to one day fill his father’s shoes and take his place as King of Pride Rock; however, his Uncle Scar was not so excited about the idea. He was jealous of the baby cub and intimidated by his future. See although Simba was only a cub learning to be King, Uncle Scar saw his potential and was envious of that. It’s disappointing that envy can cause the very people that is suppose to love and support you to hurt you and betray you. He even set his own brother up to be killed. Now that’s a deep envy. One can only imagine the betrayal Jesus must have felt when his own disciple , Judas , did that to him. It’s a terrible thing. Scar left Simba believing that his father’s demise was his own fault and the once excited , enthusiastic cub was now broken-hearted filled with grief and guilt but that’s not how the story ends, Amen! Simba stayed away for years and became an adult lion. He met new friends ( Timon and Pumbaa ) who really had his back and introduced him to something new that would spark his excitement again. They gave him courage and boldness to face his world again. They helped him to work through his grief and guilt and introduced him to the famous saying we all know so well ” Hakuna Matata ” .  It means ” No Worries ” . He was reminded of the people that he had left behind. He was reminded that these poeple really needed him ( his bestfriend Nala and his Mom ) . So after a few miracles, signs , and wonders as I would like to call them; Simba made his way back to Pride Rock. He was ready to confront his Uncle Scar. He was ready to face him, defeat him and take his rightful place as the King of Pride Rock. He was ready to take his rightful place as part of the royal family and he did just that.

If you have seen this film and enjoyed it as much as I did, feel free to drop a comment below. Let’s connect and chat!!

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