Inspirational Movie Reviews


I have been enjoying watching the replays of Good Times lately. I realize that it is not a movie but I feel that it deserves an inspirational review.

good times.jpgWe all know that the famous character Florida Evans was played by the legendary Esther Rolle. She played a strong African-American wife, mother and friend that lived in a low-income community. Her character on the show is such an inspiration for me. She did not have a problem with being a devoted stay at home mom while her husband ” James” went to work. She made sure that each day her family had a hot meal to eat and a clean home. I believe she was the perfect example of a submissive wife, not because she was a stay at home mom but because she was able to allow her husband to be the head of the home and she realized that she was the neck. Florida and James understood that one could not function without the other and they each knew their lane and stayed in it. Florida was a godly woman and no matter how hard times got for her and her family she remained steadfast in her faith and believed that the Lord would make a way. Her children loved and respected her and when they stepped out of line she knew exactly what to say and do to put them back in their place. In my opinion Florida Evans was and still is today the perfect candidate for  a PROVERBS 31 WOMAN!!!!


If you’ve seen this tv show and you enjoy watching it as much as I do, feel free to comment your thoughts on the family down below. Let’s Chat!!!!

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