Delayed But Not Denied

  God’s promises are available to us all. He gives us all specific goals and visions that specifically fit our situation. Many visions are birthed from our circumstances. We are all tested and tried which gives us our testimony. Our vision is the gateway that allows us to tell our story. That allows us toContinue reading “Delayed But Not Denied”

We Have Power

  Power and Authority….. Power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way while authority is a power or right, usually because of rank or office, to issue a command. As I continued to research spiritual power and authority, I recieved great revelation. It was awesome guys. December is the 12thContinue reading “We Have Power”

Bartimaeus Faith

For we walk by faith and not by sight…. As I conclude my message on faith, enduring faith, now faith; I remember Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus was the son of Timaeus and one of the two blind beggars of Jericho. Many are very familiar with his story. I personally find it amazing that Jesus was able toContinue reading “Bartimaeus Faith”