Encourage Yourself

When I was studying the word encouragement I understood that it means to give support, confidence or hope to someone. It means to invigorate, inspire or motivate. To encourage someone means to boost their spirit, cheer them on. You may say phrases like you got this, good job or keep holding on. It’s easy toContinue reading “Encourage Yourself”

She Believed She Could

I had the chance to finally watch the movie Harriet. What an awesome movie of courage and bravery. I think my family was tired of me by the end of the movie because I definitely picked it apart and talked through the whole thing. I feel that every movie has an important theme and ifContinue reading “She Believed She Could”

The Blessing in Obedience!

What is obedience? It is the compliance with an order, request or law. It is also the submission to another’s authority. I think it’s safe to say that obedience is a form of respect. God is our father and as his child we must always give him the upmost respect whenever he releases an orderContinue reading “The Blessing in Obedience!”