Prayer For Perseverance

God I come before you humble. I magnify you. I glorify you. I lift your name on high. I reverance you for being who you are in my life. I thank you for unmerited favor. I thank you for your grace and mercy. Lord I ask that you will give me enduring faith. The kind of faith that will help me to believe your word and your promises regardless of how things may seem. Help me to put away my natural sight and begin looking at my situation with my spiritual eyes. Help me Lord to overcome every hurdle, every stumbling block and every mountain that is trying to hinder me, trip me up and hold me back from fulfilling my purpose. Give me strength to keep going. Give me patience, hope and wisdom to know that you are working it all out for my good. I declare this to be so in Jesus’ name. Amen!!!

– Nekitta W. Sutton

I hope this encourages someone to keep going and to not give up. Simply pray this prayer as I am too and let’s watch God begin to move on our behalf!!!  There are also several Bible verses you can read, study and meditate on about perseverance.

Published by NekiLynn Inspire

Hi everyone. I'm Nekitta Sutton. I've experienced major disappointments, setbacks and losses in life. During those times I had to hold on to my faith and find strength to continue on. Through the trials and sufferings I realized that I was more than a conqueror, I was a survivor. I began to gain knowledge and grow as a person by activating my faith and reading God's word. My hopes are to encourage the masses so that you will be able to regain control over your life and start living again as well. It takes a lot of work and can sometimes be painful but I do know that it's possible and well worth it.

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