In the midst of the storm


Storms arise in our lives often but they serve a purpose. There is always a lesson to be learned if you are open and willing to learn it. The most important thing to remember during the storm is that God is always with us before, during and after. One thing we should do in the storm is remain hopeful. Remaining hopeful helps us to stay joyful even when things are not going as we would like. Hope is good for our spirit and keep our thoughts from running wild with negative thinking. Hope allows us to believe that our situation will get better and that it’s all working for our good. Another thing we should do in the midst of the storm is to trust God. We know that God knows best and that he would not give us anything that we couldn’t handle. We have to know that if he brought us to it, than he will bring us through it. He will take care of us and keep us in all his ways. After we’ve done all that we can do in the natural, such as, fast, pray and read our word, we have to then, ” Be still and know that he is God.” Psalm 46:10


As I think on the many storms that we face in our lives, I’m reminded of Peter. Peter and the other disciples were on their boat in the middle of the sea. A storm was raging which caused high winds and wavering waves. This made the boat that the disciples were on unsteady, rock uncontrollably and to be tossed around in the sea. Now they could have easily made an abrupt decision to take matters in their own hands which would  have caused even more disaster; however, they remained patient, prayerful and waited on the Lord. When God arrived to help Peter, he did not really believe it was God so God commanded Peter to walk on the water of the sea and come to him. Peter did just that; however, Peter became distracted at the sound of the heavy wind and begin to sink. Peter wanted to believe that God would save him but deep down inside he doubted which caused him to sink.

We as believers must learn to trust God no matter what. There is no storm, problem or circumstance too hard for God. He will save us, rescue us and build us back up again. He can deliver us and set us free if we only believe. We can not get  distracted by the noise of the storm nor by the negativity that surrounds us. We can not look left or right being overly concerned with what others are doing. We can’t look back and remain stuck in the past. We have to keep our eyes, hearts and minds stayed on Jesus and the only direction that’s important is forward. As I encourage you, I encourage myself. Stay focused, Keep pressing forward, Remain hopeful and Trust God because ” This Too Shall Pass” and Your Greatest Blessing Comes After The Storm!!!!

Peace and Blessings:)


Published by NekiLynn Inspire

Hi everyone. I'm Nekitta Sutton. I've experienced major disappointments, setbacks and losses in life. During those times I had to hold on to my faith and find strength to continue on. Through the trials and sufferings I realized that I was more than a conqueror, I was a survivor. I began to gain knowledge and grow as a person by activating my faith and reading God's word. My hopes are to encourage the masses so that you will be able to regain control over your life and start living again as well. It takes a lot of work and can sometimes be painful but I do know that it's possible and well worth it.

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