The Greatest Gift

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 

In this particular chapter Paul describes love to us in a spiritual sense. He explains to us that the greatest gift of all is love and that our natural skills, talents and gifts can not operate effectively without the greatest gift. Paul tells us that love is the fruit of the spirit and that it is much more than a specific behavior. It is an inner attitude that one must have. Paul spoke fervently on agape love. Agape love is Christ-like love, selfless love and loyalty. He speaks on how love is a virtue of godly living. Virtue meaning showing high moral standards. Unconditional-Love-gives-without-expecting.jpg

We as Christians must learn to love unconditionally. We must began to have a positive impact on the lives of others. When we love with this capacity it has got to come back to us because the bible tells us that whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven and whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven. I choose to loose love on earth so that God will in return show his love in my life with his miracles, signs and wonders. 

Paul was encouraging the Corinthians to learn the importance of love. It appeared that they had completely forgot about it. They were so mentally caught up with competing with each other and comparing their gifts, that they had dismissed from their minds the greatest gift of all. Their desire to speak in tongues outweighed their rational thinking. Obtaining spiritual gifts are awesome because they allow us to connect more with our holy God; however, they must be used to edify his kingdom. The Corinthians forgot about this y’all. They were more concerned with bragging rights and boasting. They failed to realize that love was the essential foundation for any spiritual gift and still is today. joshua

In order for us to walk boldly and courageously in our purpose like Joshua and to truly reach God’s people, draw them nearer to him; we have to demonstrate a love so strong that will open their hearts, minds and most importantly help them to tap into their God given gifts so that we all can be of unique service to the kingdom. So I challenge you today to love a little more. To be more conscious of your leadership role and to use your gifts, talents and skills more wisely!!!

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