Dancing in the Rain!


When I realized that I had to journey down the road of grief again I prayed for God to help me to grieve gracefully. I did not want grief to overtake me as it sometimes can. I wanted to continue doing the things I was doing before I loss my mom. I didn’t want sadness and sorrow to be my resting place. As I continue the intense healing from her loss and adapt to the new things God is doing in my life, I’m learning to dance in the rain.

See in Jeremiah Chapter 29 the Israelites also went through a season of mourning. They went through a season of exile but God assured them that mourning and exile were not their final destination. He encouraged them in verse 11 to not worry nor be dismayed. Why? Because he knew the plans that he had for them, plans for good and not of evil, plans to give them a hope and a future. God just wanted the Israelites to find contentment in the season they were in. He wanted them to take pleasure in the pit ( dark place ). That’s hard to do right?! He wanted them to learn, to grow and to come out wiser, stronger, better and most importantly in closer relationship with him. 

I believe God desires the same for us as we journey through grief and continue to heal from the loss. Months ago I was reminded that we can not wait until we believe the grief is no more. We have to start dancing in the rain. We have to push through the pain, through the fear, through depression, through sadness , through the insecurities and just start dancing. We have to start working on our projects again. We have to pick our pens back up and start writing again. We have to start socializing and enjoying life again. So I pray that God will continue to help us relinquish the wilderness mindset and give us a mindset that see his goodness in all situations. A mindset that will motivate us to get up right now no matter how we feel, no matter what’s going on in our lives and just start DANCING!!

God help me to see the New Thing!

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Isaiah 43:18 Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I am doing a new thing!

When we are in emotional distress and life seems to be weighing us down, it’s hard to see the good things that’s going on around us. It’s hard to get excited about the future when you can’t see past  your right now. You can’t seem to get unstuck. You’re stuck in your pain. You’re stuck in your mind. You’ve become accustomed to putting on a  facade to make everybody believe that you are okay, that you have it all figured out. The reality of it all is that you are not okay, you are stuck. I know exactly how that feels. 

Here’s Why,

I’ve been reading Isaiah 43:18-21 for a few weeks. I mean I’ve been really reading this thing over and over trying to understand what it really means. I held God exactly to what his word said. ” Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I am doing a new thing.” Ok God! Help me to forget. I don’t want to remember the pain anymore. I don’t want to remember my losses anymore. That’s what I thought. How silly! Right! I mean I prayed about it. I declared it out loud. I recited it over and over again in my mind; however, every day I would still feel the same. I was still reminded of my pain. I was still reminded of my losses. I became really frustrated with God. I was doing everything that I thought was right to do. That’s when God showed up to rescue me! Bless my heart. Inspite of  myself, he still showed up to save me from my own destruction. He’s a good shepherd and he will never let his sheep go astray. Thank you God! He gently gave me clarity on what his word was really saying.

God informed me that he was not instructing me to forget about everything that I had been through. If he would just magically erase everything from my memory there would be no story, no testimony. Revelation 12:11 says that they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony. I had it bad! He did reveal to me that I will never forget but as I continue to heal I will begin to look at my pain, my heartbreak, my losses in a more positive light. Instead of viewing them as something that has happened to me, I will begin to see them as something that has happened for me. I will begin to see why it had to be this way once I recognize the new thing that he is doing in my life. WOW! God is Awesome! I would have never come to this conclusion on my own. Thank you again God! 

Let us Pray:

Lord I pray that you will give us spiritual eyes to see the new things that you are doing in our lives. I pray that you will give us spiritual ears to hear your voice and a spiritual mind set to imagine your good works. Father God I pray that you will give us strength to continue on our individual journeys that you have set before us and give us courage to do your will. Give us courage Lord to walk in our purpose and courage to walk in faith to do the things that you have called us to do. Lord help us to bring the dreams, the goals, the visions that you have placed deep within our hearts to life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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